(Re)connecting Science/Technology and Society

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(Re)connecting Science/Technology and Society

The rapid progress in science and technology has changed the way we live in our society, and there is no doubt that this will also be the case in the future. It is however important to realize that their impact can be negative as much as positive. And this is why we need to think about how we want to live with them carefully.

This course introduces the idea of “a science (and technology) interpreter” whose role is to build sustainable relationship between science/technology and society, and allows its students to experience what would involve to play such a role through a series of group-based activities. The students will choose the topic of their interest – be it environment, foods, medicine, information, disaster etc. – and try to identify the tension between science/technology and society in it. The aim of the course is not only to understand such a tension but also to be able to facilitate constructive conversation to resolve it. The course is open to students of any discipline regardless of their previous training in science, as they will face issues of science and technology in one way or another whatever career they would pursue in the future.