Fantastic week as an academic

Starting from the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Annual Meeting in Sydney, I had a quite intensive but very rewarding week. I am still in the process of digesting the large volume of information that I received but would like to share some of it here. This year’s 4S experience began with the … Continue reading Fantastic week as an academic



2018年9月2日(日)に下記の研究会を開催いたします。是非ご参加下さい。 * Prof. Steve Sturdyと見上の発表の要旨はこちらからご覧頂けます。 I am organizing the following event on 2nd September (Sun). Please join us if you are interested in social science research on medicine and what difference it can make! * I have uploaded the abstract of the talks by Prof. Steve Sturdy and myself here. Cases in the Past and … Continue reading 研究会開催のお知らせ

The new Witness Seminar volume is out!

As I talked about in my earlier blog post, the 62nd volume of the Wellcome Witnesses to Contemporary Medicine series entitled "The Therapeutic Implications of Muscular Dystrophy Genomics" has now been published and is available from the QMUL History of Modern Biomedicine group's webpage. This volume is produced in collaboration with Prof. Steve Sturdy's Wellcome Trust-funded … Continue reading The new Witness Seminar volume is out!

History of Muscular Dystrophy Genomics

As part of Making Genomic Medicine project, I worked with the History of Modern Biomedicine group at Queen Mary University of London for the Witness Seminar on Therapeutic Implications of Muscular Dystrophy Genomics. The edited transcript of this seminar is to be published and made freely available on their website in April 2017. Muscular dystrophy is … Continue reading History of Muscular Dystrophy Genomics