JSSTS – 2018 Annual Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Science and Technology Studies (JSSTS) was held on 8th and 9th December at Seijo University. I attended only the first day of the Meeting but there were some interesting talks. My talk was scheduled in the very first session of the Meeting entitled ‘Rethinking ELSI,’ along … Continue reading JSSTS – 2018 Annual Meeting


Fantastic week as an academic

Starting from the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Annual Meeting in Sydney, I had a quite intensive but very rewarding week. I am still in the process of digesting the large volume of information that I received but would like to share some of it here. This year’s 4S experience began with the … Continue reading Fantastic week as an academic

Sociology of Science Society of Japan – 7th Annual Meeting

Yesterday, I attended the 7th Annual meeting of the Sociology of Science Society of Japan. The full-day event was held at Tokyo Denki University this year, and I was there for the entire event. I really enjoyed talking about our ongoing Re-conceptualization of ELSI project, as much as listening to the talks of other researchers. … Continue reading Sociology of Science Society of Japan – 7th Annual Meeting

4th DELTA Project Workshop

The fourth Re-constructing ELSI workshop of our DELTA project invited three speakers from private companies, each working on a latest area of technology – gene editing, cell culturing, and artificial intelligence and robotics, respectively. Most ELSI discussion in the past were initiated by the government or other public bodies and focused primarily on implications of … Continue reading 4th DELTA Project Workshop

3rd DELTA Project Workshop

We had another stimulating discussion on the concept/practice of ELSI in the 3rd workshop of Project DELTA last week. The two guest speakers this time were Assoc. Profs. Satoshi Kodama at Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University and Kenichi Natsume of Humanities and Social Sciences Program at Kanazawa Institute of Technology. They both have expertise … Continue reading 3rd DELTA Project Workshop

2nd ‘DELTA’ Project Workshop

Today, we held the 2nd workshop of our Re-constructing ELSI Project, or we have now decided to call it Project DELTA – ‘DELTA’ stands for Deliberation on Ethical, Legal, and Technical Arrangements. We started it reflecting briefly on yesterday’s pubic event entitled 'Transcending Life: the Shock of Genome Editing & Artificial Intelligence', which was organized … Continue reading 2nd ‘DELTA’ Project Workshop

Governance of Emerging BioDesign Technologies

On Jan 19th, I attended a semi-closed event entitled Workshop on the Governance of Emerging BioDesign Technologies. The event was organized by a team of researchers based at, or affiliated with, Policy Alternative Research Institute of the University of Tokyo, including our project member Go Yoshizawa. Its main aim was to cross-examine a range of … Continue reading Governance of Emerging BioDesign Technologies

1st ‘DELTA’ Project Workshop

Yesterday, we held the 1st workshop of Re-constructing ELSI Project with three guest speakers. The first speaker was Dr. Makoto Kureha at Kyoto University, who has been working on ELSI of Space Exploration, Development, and Utilization (SEDU) for the last couple of years. He told us about how he started the work and then what … Continue reading 1st ‘DELTA’ Project Workshop